Tooth Whitening

We offer both in-chair and at-home whitening. A check-up is needed prior to performing whitening to ensure it is safe to proceed.

At-home whitening kits include custom-made trays made to fit your teeth. This requires an impression of both the top and bottom teeth. You will get a box full of syringes with whitening gel and have more control over how white you would like to go. Whitening is permanent but over time your teeth may stain again and if you ever require a top-up for a special event you are able to buy single syringes and will not have to get new trays.

In-house whitening is done in the chair. We apply the whitening gel for you and place a barrier over the gums to ensure they are protected during the procedure.

Please note that it is not possible to whiten crowns, bridges and fillings. If you have these in visible area in the mouth and would like to whiten the teeth they may need replacement after the whitening procedure.