1. We offer a variety of services and I love to educate my patients so they have all the tools they need for good oral health.
  2. We submit to medical aids, and work with private patients.
  3. We have updated our daily routine since the beginning of Covid-19 and continue to uphold high standards of infection control to ensure the safety of staff and patients.

Why Us

    We love to empower our patients with all the knowledge they need to maintain a healthy smile as well as rebuild the confidence that can be lost from previous damage. We want you to understand not only what we are doing but what you can do every day to improve your oral health.

    We know that dental appointments can be very stressful for some patients and go out of our way to ensure you are comfortable.

Dr Megan Sparks

Dr Megan Sparks obtained her Bachelor of dental surgery from the University of the Western Cape. She then went on to complete her community service year working as a dentist at Pelonomi hospital in Bloemfontein.

On returning to Cape Town she began working as a locum at Kenilworth Medicross before taking over her own room at the practice.

Donne Williams

I went to Dr. Megan Sparks. She is the most incredible dentist. I have never had someone have so much compassion and care in my dentist experiences. I am genuinely petrified of going to the dentist and since going to her, my nerves have almost disappeared (gets better each time I go as each time it is a more and more positive experience).

I feel safe and listened to. She even found out that I had a rare condition where I have two nerves which is the reason I never go completely numb. Other dentists told me it was in my head, and it wasn't possible that I would feel it- She didn't. She believed me and investigated further - found out it wasn't my imagination.

So bear in mind I can't go completely numb, yet because of her I have had the least painful and most relaxing (never thought I would say that) dentist visits - all thanks to her. 1000 000/10 would recommend. Wish I could give more stars - can't explain the difference it has made for me. THANK YOU Dr. Sparks

Wish I could give more stars - can't explain the difference it has made for me. THANK YOU Dr. Sparks


Donne Williams - a year ago

Noko Rammutla

I don’t particularly enjoy going to the dentist, but I could at least tell that Dr Sparks pays attentional to detail and explains things in an interesting and understandable way. She also showed me how to improve my tooth brushing game.

Highly recommend going to the dentist here.


Noko Rammutla - a year ago

TrainMe Academy

Thank you for the help Dr Sparks in the dental department ! You have such a kind and gentle energy. I had a great experience! I called to make an appointment and it was a smooth process from the call, to check in, getting in and out. Thank you everyone!


TrainMe Academy - 11 months ago

Cole Noble

I've been using Dr Sparks for year and I have always been very happy with her service. I highly recommend her as a dentist.


Cole Noble - 3 weeks ago

Guy du Toit

Best dentist I’ve ever had, incredibly kind and good at what she does!


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