Root Canal

We perform root canal on all types of teeth and make use of irrigation devices, lasers and CBCT imaging in order to give you the best treatment possible. Some teeth have very complex anatomy and if we feel that you would benefit from specialist treatment under a microscope we are able to refer you to trusted endodontists.

Root canal has a bad reputation for being painful. The only time root canal is painful is when there is a large infection under the tooth. If we suspect you are going to struggle to get numb we will reschedule you and do a course of antibiotics first to ensure you have a comfortable experience.

Root canal is usually done over two visits. After the first visit you should no longer have pain.

We take a CBCT for more complex teeth to ensure we do a complete job for you. After we have prepared the tooth we make use of a laser and irrigation to disinfect properly.

A quote will be sent for the procedure once we have done the initial consultation.