Paediatric Dentistry

We love seeing kiddies and recommend bringing them in early for a check-up to create a positive association with the dentist

Children should come to the dentist from around the age of 3 just for a check-up. This appointment will just be to get them used to the dental chair and to polish their teeth.

If any issues are found at their yearly check-ups we have some options for treatment depending on the age of your child and on how nervous they are.

Older children with good compliance can have work done in the chair. With younger children it is often better to do sedation or treatment in theatre especially if there is a lot of work that needs to be done. We make use of Tokai Medicross theatre and will send a quote after a consultation for medical aid preauthorization. Sedation is done at our rooms. We will send a quote for the treatment and a Dr comes to our rooms to perform the sedation.