Interceptive Orthodontics

Interceptive orthodontics is the use of plates and devices to correct early issues with malocclusion (the way the teeth bite together). It is for children who still have some baby teeth in their mouth. Not every child will benefit from this treatment so please make a consultation appointment to determine if we can help you.

Interceptive orthodontics is the early treatment of malocclusion (the way the teeth bite together). It also includes exercises and appliances to aid in cessation of a habit such as thumb sucking/tongue thrusting/pacifier use/lip wedging to prevent further problems from arising or to correct problems that have already formed.

The aim of interceptive orthodontics is to correct problems early before they become permanent and have to be corrected with braces. As interceptive orthodontics is performed while children are still growing it is no guarantee that your child will not require braces later on. Despite this, interceptive orthodontics can result in your child not requiring braces at a later stage or, if they do still require treatment it can simplify the treatment greatly and decrease treatment time and cost later on.

Before getting a quote for treatment a full examination will need to be done. A quote will be sent to you for this. Please contact us before the time to organize this. It includes photos of your child’s face as well as of the teeth, a panorex x-ray and impressions for models of the teeth which are used for analysis of space. An additional x-ray may need to be done at an orthodontic clinic not far from our practice if the exam indicates that this is necessary. These records are used for the initial analysis and will be used later on to view treatment progress.

Once the analysis has been done we will send you a quote for the appliance that is recommended. This appliance is usually removable and will require compliance from you and your child in order to be successful. Sometimes a fixed appliance is used. Another appointment will be scheduled for impressions for the lab to make the appliance once you have accepted the treatment plan.

Follow up appointments will be required to monitor treatment progress and to adjust the appliance as the teeth move. Depending on the treatment this could be monthly or every few weeks. These follow-ups visits are included in the treatment quote.

Please note that some children cannot be helped with interceptive orthodontics and may have to be referred to an orthodontist for more complex treatment.