Crowns and Bridges

We make use of CEREC technology to construct crowns and bridges in-house. This means a more accurate fit and a natural looking result. All crown and bridge work requires a quote before we commence work- please book a consultation first so we can get started.

Crowns are needed when a large portion of a tooth has been lost and a filling is no longer going to be strong enough. Most root canal treated teeth also require a crown. The tooth will need to be prepared and is then scanned into the computer. A temporary crown is placed on the tooth for about a week so that we have time to design and mill your crown before you come in for placement.

Bridges are used to replace missing teeth. Not all missing teeth can be replaced with a bridge and an implant may be recommended to you if a bridge is not ideal. Bridges also require the same process as crowns- prep, scan and placement over 2 visits.